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A little bit about us

We began our mail order activities in 2002 and have developed the business in small steps by specialising in products that are difficult or impossible to come by elsewhere. We are proud that, right from the beginning, all the items in our catalogue come from European companies. All stockings, lingerie items and corsets are made in France and Europe. When you buy from us, you are also supporting jobs in Europe. With one exception, of course: our American vintage stockings! 

How do I pronounce "Envoile" ?

Try this...  " ON-VWAHL" 

Our philosophy

It’s straightforward: we treat our clients with the same seriousness and quality of service that we look forward to when we are customers ourselves! Our business stems from a passion for nylon stockings and fine lingerie, and this is what we aim to share with our clients. We like to think that our expertise helps us to give you advice that is both honest and useful.

Our photos

As far as the images in our boutique are concerned, we aren’t content with simply scanning in the pictures from our suppliers’ catalogues. Our goal is therefore to display our own photos of all our products as far as possible, and we have already come quite a long way in this respect. 

Our mission

We would like for women of all ages to (re)discover 100% Nylon stockings (transparent and silky), especially since we are in a position to offer suspender belts that do not disappoint because they do their job of holding up nylon stockings well, at the same time as being comfortable for the wearer. 

Who is Envoile ?

ENVOILE is a commercial business that is wholly owned by Chris Monks. Our products are only offered for sale on our Internet website by mail order. We do not have a bricks-and-mortar shop and we have no possibilities for receiving clients.  

Contacting us

We can be contacted by telephone (during office hours) or e-mail. If we cannot answer the phone, please leave a message or try again later. However you contact us, we will reply as quickly as we can. 

Security and discretion

We have no access to the details of you charge or credit card when you choose this means of payment.

When you pay by card on our website you will automatically be transferred directly to our bank’s secure online payment gateway. You therefore give your card details directly to our bank, the Banque Populaire (France), not to us. This is the reason why we cannot accept your card details over the phone or fax. You can also pay with PayPal if you wish. 

When you order online, whatever the method of payment chosen, you accept that your details will be held on a secured Internet server. 

If you do not wish to order online, you may order by phone or letter (either with the printable order form available on our website or even a simple letter). In this case, we have to wait to receive your payment before sending you your order. 

And of course, we use neutral packing for your order, without any mention of "ENVOILE" or lingerie. Please be aware however, that for recipients residing outside the European Union, we are obliged to indicate the contents of the package as required by customs regulations. 

Our future

Having begun in 2002, we are no longer a young business. We have to make a profit to survive, to invest and to grow. The more we grow, the longer we can maintain our prices and delay the increases imposed on us by our suppliers, and the more we can widen the range of items on offer. 

Why we charge postage

We prefer to clearly state the postage charges instead of hiding them in the prices to be able to say that shipping is “free”, because one thing is certain: somebody has to pay postage! In an effort to be fair, we operate a flat charge depending on the type of article(s) ordered. 

Our database

Our client database has a commercial value, but this information is not for sale because our relationship with our clients is built upon trust and discretion. We have no intention of inflicting undesired e-mails or mailings (some of which may be offensive) on our clients - we certainly don’t like receiving this type of information in our mailboxes! 

Thank you for your continued support and trust !